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On Wednesday 5th July we held our annual Graduation Tea Party.

All the children who are going to be leaving us to begin a new chapter, starting school in September were part of the celebrations.

One by one their names were called and each child came up to receive a certificate to commemorate their time with us. Once all the photos had been taken, we then had an extra special surprise waiting in the car park.

One of our Daddy’s who is a Fireman, just so happened to get a lift to nursery in the Fire engine with his crew, We were very lucky to have been allowed to climb on board and take a look at all the fire fighting equipment, again lots more photos were taken.

Back into nursery, we enjoyed several fun party games including Mum’s and dad’s! and we enjoyed some delicious party food in the garden. A real Tea Party Picnic.

Hope you all had fun, cant wait to see you all in your school uniforms, Wishing you all well and good luck for the future. 

Alma Park Team X


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