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Paint Pots Menu




Tea: .

Breakfast: Cereal choice, Fresh fruit ,Toast with fruit juice or milk.

Break: Fresh fruit  with milk or water.

 Lunch: Chicken and sweetcorn pie with green beans. Chocolate flapjack. Water.

 Tea:  Mixed pepper fritta with spaghetti hoops. Fruit muffins. Water.


Breakfast: Cereal choice, Bagels, Fruit with fruit juice or milk..

Break:Apples and grapes with milk or water.

 Lunch: Sausages, baked beans and mashed potato. Apple and ginger cobbler with custard. Water.

 Tea:  Cold meat platter. Tinned fruit. Water.


Breakfast: Cereals choice, Toast, Dried fruit with fruit juice or milk.

Break: Bread sticks and mixed fruit with milk or water.

 Lunch: Cheese and onion flan with tinned tomatoes. Cherry loaf.. Water.

 Tea:  Pilchards and chopped salad. Custard biscuits.  Water.

Breakfast: Cereal choice, Toast,Yogurts with fruit juice or milk.

Break: Hula hoops with, milk or water.

 Lunch: Tuna fishcakes,broccoli,carrots and parsley sauce. Apricot tart with cream..Water.

 Tea: Cheesy fingers. Fruit jelly.Water.



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