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Paint Pots Menu

Breakfast: Choice of cereal, Dried fruit, Toast and spreads with fruit juice or milk.

Break: Fresh selection with milk or water.

Lunch: Nursery Burgers with cous cous and mixed vegetables. Date fingers .Water.

Tea: Crumpets and spreads. Lemon curd tarts. Water.

Breakfast: Cereal choice, Toast and spreads,Fresh fruit with fruit juice or milk.

Break: Bananans with milkshake, milk or water.

Lunch: Fish pie with root veg topping and mushy peas.Jelly and Ice-cream. Water.

Tea: Cheese and ham salad. Apples and sultanas .Water


Breakfast: Cereal choice, Dried fruit,Croissants with fruit juice or milk

Break: Hula Hoops with milk or water.

Lunch: Beef stew and dumplings with seasonal greens. Oatie biscuits.Water

Tea: Macaroni cheese with toast. Tinned peaches. Water.

Breakfast: Cereal choice,Fruit,Croissants with fruit juice or milk.

Break Fruit with milk or water


Lunch: Caribbean chicken with Water.rice and peas.Bread and butter pudding and custard.Water.

Tea: Potato cakes and baked beans.Cherry cakes. Water

Breakfast: Cereal choice,Fresh fruit ,Toast and spreads with fruit juice or milk.

Break: Malt loaf with milkshake, milk or water.

Lunch: Lancashire crumble,carrots and roast parsnips.Apple and cinnamon scones. Water.

Tea : Cheese sandwhich.Banana. Water.

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