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St Mary's Nursery

  • Opened in 2000, St Mary’s is well established in the local area and has proved popular with parents.
  • The 50 place nursery is located in the centre of Lutterworth with car parking for easy drop off and pick up.
  • As a Montessori nursery, we follow the principles devised by Dr Maria Montessori who believed that children develop and learn at their own pace.
  • Accordingly, our children are provided with activities designed to promote independence and respect for others.
  • We use practical life experiences and break activities into achievable tasks to help the children succeed. The children also use sensorial developing equipment which helps to introduce the basic concepts of reading, writing and mathematics i.e. comparisons in size, working from left to right. Thus, reading and writing is introduced in a non threatening way and is very much based on the individual child’s readiness.
  • They are encouraged through their own natural curiosity and desire to learn. Our ultimate philosophy is that your child should enjoy their learning experiences.

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