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“Montessori observed that a preschool child’s brain absorbs information much like a sponge. She understood young children learn by doing activities over and over within a positive environment”.

  • The words ‘first day at school’ provoke a range of reactions in both parents and children.
  • Some are counting the days, others are apprehensive, curious, or plain terrified – and that’s just the parents.
  • Whilst we aren’t in the business of ‘hot housing’ our children, we do our very best to prepare them for this exciting stage of their life.
  • The routines that we follow at nursery, the experience of sharing, making friends, tidying up and sitting down to eat together all help to prepare the children for the average school day.
  • Flexible Nursery Education Funding (up to 15 hours per week) available for your child the term after their third birthday.
  • In our pre-school rooms, we base the learning and development around each child
  • Individual planning based around your child to help them grow and develop.
  • Preparing your child for school readiness.
  • Early Years Foundation Stage 2012 used to help maintain and raise our high standards for your little ones.
  • All children within our nurseries are provided with a stimulating environment, in which effective learning can be made.
  • Each child is prepared and the foundations are laid for future learning through our well experienced and qualified staff who provide quality experiences for all our children .

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