Awe and Wonder Based Learning – a way of discovering the world with joy and curiosity, learning as we explore

With two nurseries in Lutterworth and Towcester, we are here to help your child learn, play and grow. Offering a safe, supportive environment where children can thrive, we encourage curiosity, creativity and learning through play.

Our child-centred approach to learning helps each child to explore and learn new skills at their own pace, growing in independence while developing valuable social skills. Your child will be supported by our experienced and compassionate staff, who share our commitment to Awe and Wonder Based Learning. This places a focus on embracing our natural curiosity for the world around us, learning new things as we explore.

We can provide your child with a strong foundation for both their future schooling and the world beyond, teaching them through real life experiences to become well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of self. We are here to support you in giving your child the very best start in life.

Our Ethos

Learning through play in a home from home environment, with adult and child led activities.

Mission Statement

To encourage children to learn and develop in their own unique way.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is the child and how they learn and develop. Using child and adult led activities and follow their interest to work toward their next steps. (EYFS 2021 & Birth to Five).

Our nurseries

Learn, Play, Grow

We believe that the best way to help children develop is to make learning fun. That’s why we focus on play and encourage each child’s natural curiosity so they can find activities they enjoy. Learning new skills and becoming more independent comes easily when you’re having fun.

Nurturing & Caring environment

Your child’s wellbeing is our number one priority. Supported by our caring and dedicated team, we provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment where every child can feel at home. Extra measures to protect staff and children are also in place to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.

The Secret Ingredient

Following the Montessori principles and the Awe and Wonder Based approach to learning, we support every child to develop at their own pace. Learning happens outdoors as well as inside the nursery, whether the children are growing fruit and vegetables in the nursery garden, or exploring the local community.