Aims and values

Aims and values

Giving every child a positive learning experience that helps them to develop and thrive is at the heart of everything we do. We follow the principles of a Montessori nursery, first devised by Dr Maria Montessori whose ethos was that children develop and learn at their own pace.

To encourage this, we offer activities which promote independence and respect for others, helping children develop a sense of self while also gaining valuable social skills. 

Activities are based on practical life experiences and broken into achievable tasks to help the children succeed. The children also use sensorial developing equipment which introduces the basic concepts of reading, writing and mathematics. 

We encourage every child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn so that they enjoy the learning experience. We believe this is the best foundation for success in later life, both in school and in the wider world.

Learning for every individual

Every child is different, which is why we encourage children to explore the world in their own way. Children learn at their own pace and we provide the flexibility and support they need to discover new skills without pressure. This helps each child to develop their individual character and personality while gaining independence.

The best people for the best start

Our people are our greatest asset and together our team has a wealth of skills, experience and expertise in childcare. Every member of our team is highly qualified and undergoes regular training to continue offering the highest standards of education and care. Most importantly, they are dedicated to the wellbeing and development of your child.

Amazing staff, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Jon Hepworth

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