Awe and Wonder
Based Learning Method

Awe and Wonder Based Learning

We all recognise the natural awe that children have for the world around them as they discover and learn new things. Many of us may even remember that feeling from when we were young. It’s this sense of wonder that we want to encourage in the children in our care, which is why we focus on Awe and Wonder Based Learning at our two nurseries.

This way of learning is very much based on play, as we believe that excited children who are enjoying their activities will learn much more. As children pick up new ideas and information, they develop a growth mindset which fuels their desire to learn more. This love of learning is exactly what we want all of our children to enjoy.

Through problem solving and taking risks, children test and build their knowledge in a safe, familiar environment that is an extension of their home. Here, they learn respect, emotional intelligence and a sense of self, discovering who they are, what they are interested in and how they are related to the world around them.

The cardboard box approach

Picture a child on their birthday. Often, they will be more excited by the box their gift arrives in than the present itself. A box is a blank canvas, and when you are full of the ideas and imagination of childhood, that is the most exciting toy of all. This is the type of creative play that we believe holds huge benefits for developing children.

Learning through the wonder of the world

As adults, many of us lose our sense of awe and wonder as life experiences make us take the world around us for granted. But at Best Start, we encourage children to embrace their awe and wonder and use it to fuel their learning as they grow and develop into well-rounded individuals. In our nurseries, thinking like a child is wholeheartedly encouraged.

We couldn’t be happier with the development of our son. The staff are fantastic and I would highly recommend.

Ben Dawes

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