Taking it outdoors

Taking it outdoors

We understand from experience that children benefit hugely from exploring the world outside of the nursery, which is why we have a strong focus on outdoor play and local excursions. Getting outdoors can help children become confident in new situations, develop their social skills as they interact with new people and teach them to appreciate and care for the natural world. 

We head outdoors whatever the weather, so children should always arrive at nursery well-equipped for whatever the forecast might have in store. Any visits to the wider community are carefully planned to ensure they support and enhance the curriculum. The children also enjoy an annual day trip.

Whether inside or out, our priority is always to ensure that children are learning in a natural, joyful way at their own pace.

Exploring the local area

A trip to the shops. A visit to the library. A walk to the park. There is so much to be learned in even the simplest of journeys and we find that children really thrive when investigating the outside world. When arranging an excursion outside the nursery, parental permission is required and child to staff ratios are strictly adhered to.

Discovering our own backyard

Each of our nurseries has its own secure and well-equipped outdoor space where children can play, learn and socialise. Come rain or shine, this space is popular with all of our children. We even help the children to grow their own fruit and vegetables, which we then enjoy as part of a healthy meal. What better way to get hands-on with nature.